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BEKINA® COMPOUNDS NV has been selling bentonite based sealing bars (Bentobar+) for construction for over 20 years. Through continuous innovation Bekina® Compounds NV developed a revolutionary water swellable compound based on TPE. Today this compound is used for water swellable sealing bars (Polybar+) and tailor-made sealing products such as the patented Sealing Plug & UFO, sold worldwide under the BeSealed® brand. Furthermore, BeSealed® developed a salt water version of Bentobar+ and a salt water & superswell version of the Polybar+, suitable for use in extremely salt water concentrations, up to 10%! Perfect for applications in Middle-Eastern regions.

Come and discover our hydrophilic products for waterproofing of tunnels, dams, manholes and other precast concrete constructions.

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