15 – 16 May 2017 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Geoff Sanderson

Senior Associate Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, Building and Places

9:00 AM Keynote Panel: Strategic overview: Creating integrated lifestyle communities

  • Discussing the shift towards integrated lifestyle communities to provide a safe sustainable, connected environment which reduces overall costs
  • Acknowledge how integrated communities provide a sense of belonging and enhance user experience
  • Demonstrate how integrated communities can promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce car dependency

2:45 PM Panel: Urban connectivity and permeability: Uncovering design strategies to reduce dependence on cars

In urban residential communities, connectivity is crucial. Communities that increase connectivity between people, places and the things they need become more vibrant and healthy. This session discusses design strategies that increase walkability within urban communities and less reliance on car mobiles.
  • Demonstrating how connectivity of the community master plan impacts pedestrians, car traffic and overall efficiency of the community
  • Analysing design strategies to increase walkability within the community which promotes a healthier lifestyle
  • Learn efficient urban design planning methods that still maintain cultural and physical requirements

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Geoff .

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